Blue Hill Bay Smoked Seafood Poke Bowls
The Blue Hill Bay Poke Story


Poke literally translated from Hawaiian means “cut piece” or “to section” and is a traditional island dish combining cubed raw fish plus a touch of soy sauce for a light yet wholesome meal or snack. It’s a way of life on the islands and has been a cherished part of Hawaiian culture for decades. In the last two years the poke craze has taken over in cities across the mainland.

Modern poke combines cubed fish, a grain, with toppings and seasonings into an easy, grab-and-go dish that’s enjoyed at the dinner table, on the job, in the car, on a hike, in the sand – anywhere. Think fresh fish meets fragrant jasmine rice plus savory seasonings, and a slightly sweet sauce. It’s no wonder they’re wildly popular with everyone. 

Acme's Executive Team, The Cashews


Acme Smoked Fish is introducing a smoked fish twist on the island-style favorite under the Blue Hill Bay brand. These smoked fish Poke Bowls combine unique smoked flavors with Hawaiian traditions and modern convenience.

Acme Smoked Fish began in the early 1900’s to become the finest smokers of fish for four generations. Acme is committed to bringing the highest quality products, combining artisanal traditions with the latest cutting edge advances in food quality and innovation. It is this expertise that brings the Blue Hill Bay Smoked Fish Poke to you.